Okotie To Buhari: Restructuring Will Be Your Greatest Legacy

-Rev. Chris Okotie

Pastor -Interim government advocate, Rev Chris Okotie has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to support restructuring and write his name in gold.

‘Nigerians made President Muhammadu what he is and I believe that as a patriot, and statesman,he would do the right thing by supporting our proposition for an interim government and write his name in gold’, Okotie said during his interview last week with AIT.

The Reverend argued that President Buhari has the power to midwife restructuring at this time, despite the ongoing transition programme.

He does not agree with those who claim that Aboriginal Democracy as being canvassed is out of sync with the 2023 general election.
‘We must have a nation first before we talk about the architecture of power’, Okotie insisted.

He, however, admitted that because it’s time for politics it is natural for people to follow and be part of the electoral process.
Okotie said, nevertheless,we owe it to posterity, not to the APC, PDP, Labour party or any of the parties, to save this nation and our collective patrimony.
He said, restructuring through the adoption of Aboriginal Democracy and it’s components,’is doable’.

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