Oyo 2023 Guber: APC Must Not Put The Wrong Foot Forward Again -Concerned APC Youths

We wrote the last time on the need to come together as members of in our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) as one indivisible party so that we can have what we want in the interest of our great party and state.

There are several imports into the party that has been inimical to its progress; this include strange styles, bad belle politics, Self-effacement and shortsightedness to mention few, that are not part of formative tendencies or primordial vision of the party, but are now playing out by the chance takers that subtly sprang up.

The integrity of the APC as a party, which was built around the personality of President Muhammadu Buhari, as we speak today, is becoming a mirage owning to the insistence of some few money bags within and without to tamper with the peaceful coexistence of the party structures.

It is high time we rested members who had contested primaries many times without winning, not because they are spent forces but because there is need for those with formidable backgrounds for the party to spring surprises at the forthcoming general elections.

If the incumbent Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde will contest for a second term in office, then the APC needs to surprise the electorate with their choice of candidate, simply because old and big names are already known to them, including their capacities and weaknesses.

For our kite to fly, we need newness that is backed by all powers that be within, otherwise, we are in for another wait of four years, which may ultimately disintegrate the Oyo State chapter of our party all because of unwarranted selfishness.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the old hands that are again making moves for the ticket of the APC in Oyo. It is our belief that these individuals may not be the best we can offer as a party.

Teslim Folarin
Playing PDP game to ‘Jagba’, distabilized the party using the ‘Agbara Oke’ to hijack Oyo APC structure. It is still fresh in the memory of those in the know how he asked the Sabo community to return the transformer he gave the community before election after he lost.

What are we to expect he somehow find his to the office of the Executive Governor of Oyo State as the occupant?

Barrister Adebayo Shittu.
Without sounding harsh, it may be precise to describe the former Minister of Communications as a political power hunter without accolade and a minister of no substance.

He is a politician who cannot win 10% of votes in his constituency but is busy looking for power in the entire state.

Though he built an ICT Hall in his home town; it was however demolished by an ordinary Chairman.

Former Minister Shittu can hardly point at anything worth calling his antecedents in his community. He has nothing to point to as his achievements in his locality.

Since it is said that charity begins at home, it is our humble advice that Shittu support others rather than embarking on a journey that may not lead anywhere.

Senator Fatai Buhari
Though he is a populist in his constituency, Senator Buhari his good, bad and ugly sides. And fielding him will only give APC half of Oke Ogun votes because of the current structures fighting among the PDP gladiators in their domain.

We are however of the belief that Senator Buhari should have just resigned and be a kingmaker in other to remain relevant rather than putting himself up and end up a failure.

Barrister Niyi Akintola.
It our honest belief that by now Barrister Akintola would love to play a fatherly role rather than engaging himself in this current dead ball game; watching and giving his legal advice to aspirants who like to create unpleasant atmosphere for our dear party.

History will not forget him if he can do the needful at this crucial time. This is however just an advice for our respected learned legal luminary

Adebayo Adelabu
He was our candidate in 2019; he lost the election and went into oblivion, neglecting the party. He even sent away party members in his house when they came to felicitate with him on a certain Ileya day.

He is currently forcefully taking back his campaign vehicles from all local government and state secretariats. It is evident he can never be a good governor.

Before the 2019 elections, he had already made a list of people he want as his commissioners, neglecting those party members that were working to actualize his dream of becoming the governor.

The list however leaked to the people and they all worked against his victory because of his hidden sinister motives.

We need to, this time around, come frankly with each other no matter whose ox is gored.

We so submit.

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