(Video)How Alleged ‘kidnapper’ John Lyon who flaunts dollars on social media was arrested

– John Lyon

A video of John Lyon, an alleged kidnapper, known for flaunting dollars on social media, has gone viral with Lyon weeping like a child in Police Custody.

In the video, the suspect popularly known as “Lion White” was shirtless, putting on only boxers and kneeling down.

Without both hands chained, Lyon pleaded for mercy, saying he was only involved in kidnap operation twice.

He also asked to be released because his wife just put to bed.

A voice at the background suspected to be that a police detective asked the suspect in pidgin, “So, are you saying it is only two persons you have joined your gang to kidnap?

Lyon replied, “Yes, sir.”, and the policeman concluded, “You are a liar”

A man who claimed to be one of his victims challenged Lyon that he saw him while he was in captivity and was being tortured.

But the man stood his ground before the footage, which has attracted several comments on social media.

Different pictures and videos of Lyon’s flamboyance amid the biting hardship in the land are circulating on social media.

In one video, the suspect displayed a wad of dollars, repeatedly saying, “Money is good. Hustle! Hustle!! Hustle!!!”

There were also pictures of him at different social gatherings, including one at Transcorp Hotels, Abuja.

The suspect, who reportedly operated in Bayelsa State, was also seen in different branded shirts of one of the leading political parties in the country.

In one picture, he posed with security operatives at an event which looked like a campaign rally of the politician the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared the winner of the last governorship election in Bayelsa but was sacked by the Supreme Court few days to the inauguration.

Watch the video below:

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