“What doesn’t kill me will sure make me stronger” – Oduataj new signee, YBLISS talks about his career

Ayoabayomi Efuwape Timothy, known professionally as Ybliss,is a Nigerian singer,music composer and a rapper.He was born in Abeokuta Ogun State,he started his music career at age 9,he once dropped his music career for his educational purpose when it seems no one believes his passion,but fully came back into music in 2020 till date and promised not to quit any time sooner.

In this interview with press men,he talked about how he started his music,his challenges as an artist and how Oduataj productions has made him achieve his dreams,below are the excerpts.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Ayoabayomi Efuwape Timothy, I was born in the year 1995 September 25th, I hail from Abeokuta in Ogun-State Nigeria, I was born and brought up in Lagos State.

What inspires you do to music?

I do music as an hobby because it is what I love to do.

Can you list how many album you have produced?

I have an unreleased Ep album dropping soon which is titled HEART DESIRE (EP) by Ybliss AN ODUATAJ ENTERTAINMENT INC release.

Which album is your best and what makes it your best?


What is the feed back from your fans?

Thanks to them, they all appreciate what Ybliss is giving them and they have been supportive.

As an artist,you will have some people who are always there for you whenever you call,can you mention them?

My Family, My friends, My fiance and my fans.

What is your style of music?

I am an afrobeat singer

Why did you choose afrobeat?

Because I love the vibes

Who is your role model?

Burna boy has been my role model from day 1

Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?

Moving to the greater heights

Any challenges in the music industry?

They are many but I can’t complain I think all is good
What doesn’t kill me make me stronger.

How long have you been into music?

Since I was 9 I think it’s now 18th year in the music
I started as a music composer then i became a rapper, to make the story short no one believe in my struggling then,so I dropped it totally for my educational purpose. So in 2020 I engaged fully into music till date and I don’t think anytime sooner I will be quit.

Can we talk about your producer (Oduataj Entertainment) ?

First of all I will like to say a big thanks to the CEO Of ODUATAJ ENTERTAINMENT in person of Mr Taiwo Oduala is a great mentor, he has been good godfather to me who always have a great plan for me, and same goes to his Manager MR JOEL MATT I appreciate him also he do check on me and give me some advice, and to my able producer Myner Beat I appreciate you,we have been a good family,I can say it proudly I am ready to represent ODUATAJ ENTERTAINMENT in any part of the World.

What are your plans in year 2022?

I hav my Ep album titled HEART DESIRE by YBLISS An Oduataj Entertainment Inc 2022. it is on the way,dropping in a couple of days, and I think they are going to get a plaque award.

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