Who Becomes Tinubu ‘s Chief of Staff, Faleke or Gbajabiamila?

– Faleke, Gbajabiamila

As May 29th inauguration of the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is fast approaching there are indications that some of his allies are already at loggerheads over political offices.

Juiciest amongst the much available offices is the Chief of Staff office which seems to be keenly contested by the two close ‘aides’ of the President -elect, Femi Gbajabiamila, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, and his fellow Lagos lawmaker, James Faleke.

The two are said to be at war over the office of the Chief of Staff.

Faleke, who represents Ikeja Federal Constituency, is believed to be the original choice for the Chief of Staff office having worked closely with Tinubu over the last two decades and most recently as secretary of the presidential campaign council.

He is also said to be interested in the position of Speaker and has been desperately marketing his candidate to the President-elect as the most suitable candidate.

Gbajabiamila, on the other hand, is now tipped as the favourite for the Chief of Staff position having seriously intensified lobbying since Tinubu’s emergence.

And like Faleke, Gbajabiamila, who is a member-elect, also has his eyes on the job of the Speaker and intends to foist his loyalist on the House of Representatives.

However, a source who spoke to our correspondent but demanded anonymity, categorically confirmed that the President-elect is more comfortable with the choice of members and has refused to endorse any of the two candidates.

The source said: “Tinubu is ready to work with any member of the House that is a product of his colleague’s decisions after all the consultations.

“It is so shameful that in 2023, two politicians are at war over positions that they may ultimately not occupy,” a top government official said.

“Gbajabiamila and Faleke are probably the two most selfish individuals close to the President-elect. They are only interested in themselves and not what is best for Nigerians.

“Both men are fighting dirty over the Chief of Staff position. As if that is not bad enough, they want to still control the House of Representatives by planting their stooges. As crazy as it may seem, it is the reality.

“But thank God for His Excellency, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu. Our President-elect is a Democrat who has given the members-elect the liberty to choose their leaders. By so doing, the wicked motives of Gbaja and Faleke are defeated.

“Nigerians must know that the President-elect is concerned about good governance. He is not ready to favour his so-called loyalists. In the end, he wants a robust team of competent, transparent, and result-driven Nigerians, especially as heads of the 10th National Assembly”.

He, however, advised the lawmakers-elect to vote for their independent choices and not get carried away by anyone presented by Gbajabiamila or Faleke.

The insider added that none of them has the blessing of Tinubu and are out for their selfish interests.

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