Why Aboriginal Democracy Is Best For Nigeria -Okotie


– Rev. Chris Okotie

Former Presidential candidate and interim government campaigner, Rev Chris Okotie has given reasons why Aboriginal Democracy is the best option for Nigeria.
In a interview with Ray Power 100.5 FM monitored in Lagos, Okotie said the country needs to shift it’s governance paradigm if the ongoing transition programme is to produce a positive outcome.
Okotie was speaking to the radio station on the occasion of the International Democracy Day recently.
He reiterated his position that the Presidential system of government has not met the expectations of Nigerians.

‘We must find the solution now, where our democracy is no longer governed by political parties, but by Nigerians themselves. That’s what I was referring to as Aboriginal Democracy; taking democracy back to the people- government, from the people, for the people with the people as a mechanical instrumentality for the crystalization of a new Nigeria’, Okotie explained.

Responding to questions about how to fix the fault -lines in our polity, the Reverend said that the Presidential system has created a range of complex problems, and elevated corruption to an institution of Byzantine complexity, and therefore, must be jettisoned.
In it’s stead,he proposed restructuring that is all-inclusive, involving all our political tendencies and cultural realities.

On how his political philosophy could be actualized, Okotie argued that democracy is about the will of the people and the legal code that undergirds the process must be a reflection of the will of the people themselves.

He noted, however, that the present constitution was Nicodemusly contrived by the departing military rulers in 1999 and imposed on the people, which is why our political differences persist.

Therefore, to circumvent the problem,he argued, Nigerians should accept Aboriginal Democracy which would be constituted under an interim government whereby,all Nigerians would have their wishes for a level playing field accommodated under an atmosphere of equity, peace and justice.

Okotie concluded that, for Nigerians to expect any dramatic change in our lives after the 2023 general election, based on the existing constitution, is an unrealistic expectation that would result in monumental post-election crisis.

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