How Mike Adenuga Wants His 70th Birthday Celebrated Revealed

– Dr. Mike Adenuga

As the world gets ready to celebrate one of Africa’s greatest and wealthiest Icons DR MICHAEL ADENIYI AGBOLADE ISOLA ADENUGA on his 70th birthday not many knows that the well reserved business icon has programmed and scheduled the type of celebration he wants. As revealed by Mike Effiong, editor Ovation Media Group, there’s foretaste of what to note as tributes and advertisements pour in.

1. There will be no loud parties on that day. He has chosen to be at home with his family reflecting on an unprecedented trajectory and thanking God for 70 years of abundant grace.

2. He has appealed
to those who wish to celebrate him to do so in modesty and simplicity which reflect his own reclusive personality. Fresh pictures have been taken and released for Media and Advertising usage.

3. The man of immense intellectual prowess would be delighted to have the younger generation read about his epic battles for success and imbibe some of the extraordinary attributes that catapulted him to being one of the most enigmatic business icons on planet earth.

4. DR MIKE ADENUGA JR. has dominated the business space in the last four decades with investments in commodity trading, real estate, banking, oil & gas, telecommunications, manufacturing and construction… He’s regarded as Africa’s best kept treasure as the man who makes cash every second. He had often been undervalued and underrated on the annual rich list because of his unconventional strategy but sustainable and more enduring approach to business development.

5. The MIKE ADENUGA story lends credence to the belief that “the hand of the giver is always on top…” He is the most generous giver and a silent donor to worthy causes. He is a Spirit you hardly see but feel his impact everywhere.

6. THISDAY newspaper and The BOSS (WWW.THEBOSSNEWSPAPERS.COM) online will be the official publications on that day, Saturday, APRIL 29, 2023.

Long live the GURU.

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