“I don’t know why you are still doing like a girl, when your d!ck is still strong” – Bobrisky Former PA Drags Him Again

-Bobrisky and PA

It’s another period of usual name dragging as former PA to the popular crossdresser, Bobrisky took her to the cleaners by revealing his real sex status. Oye Kyme who worked as a Personal Assistant to the controversial celebrity revealed that Bobrisky is so good in bed, claiming that she doesn’ t know why he is still doing like a girl.

In her words,
” I miss him touching my boobs” . ,

” You are so good in bed I don’ t know why you are still doing like a girl your d! ck everything is still strong, , anyway” .
In her words,

” If I am always talking about Bob y’ all should have knew something apart P. A work happen
There’ s is a different between clout and saying what have been holding in mind for so long! “

” You can tell everybody that you are not a man but you can’ t tell me that you are not a man we spent 3month together 3 good month we knew what happen during that time. “

” Am done for today but if came to say that I am lying this app go break” .
However, the above video has gone viral on caption after it was publicized by various social media blogger.

However, this has made Nigerians to easily react to the caption:

@paulstekel wrote, ” Which season are we now watching now? We stopped at season 3 before I can’ t even remember again”.

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