“The fight for the survival of Nigeria is between the criminally rich and the frustrated poor”- Charly Boy throws another bomb

-Charly Boy

Popular musician cum activist, Charles Oputa who is popularly known as Charly Boy is sure not happy about the situation of things in Nigeria today.

This is quite obvious with the way he’s has been talking and criticizing Nigerian government under President Buhari and its policies. It is always no hold barred for the Area Fada as he’s busy working in the studio on a brand new programme, he also found time to air his view about Nigeria.

The septuagenarian in his usual way took to his social media platforms to once again voice his grievances. Reaching out to his followers, CB talked about the two categories of people you find in every sphere of life, according to him ‘ you’ll always find a few good people and many bad people’.

Like it is in every profession, tribe, religion etc etc. You will always find a few good people and many bad people.
I just dey Laff when people dey try der best to paint me as a tribalist, especially my bad ignorant mischievous brothers.
Am not responsible for ur lack of understanding or twisting what I say so it can fit ur twisted narrative.
I no send, I no care about what the fuck Mumu people think.

Just know, who ever u think u are, if u give me Gbas, I go give Gboos in 3 place.

The fight for the survival of Nigerians is not based on ethnicity or religiosity but a fight between good and bad, a fight between the criminally rich and the frustrated poor.
God punish Devil.
Make una no try me bcos many spirits dey follow me waka.
Nonsense @ourmumudondo

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