“You’re Yeyebrities chasing clouts all the time” – Goldie Fans Attack Denrele Over His acclaimed Intimacy With Late Singer.

Following the interview granted by Nigerian media personality and Tv host Denrele Edun on Boss TV where he claimed he had more than a friendship relationship with her late singer friend, Goldie. Denrele in the interview said;

“My beautiful late friend Goldie, many people thought we were friends, but we did have a few intimate moments. So I was my driving force. I knew she was married, we kept the secret, but we had something more than friendship. We entered the corner, so I was committed to seeing her shine.

However fans have reacted and have been calling Denrele different unprintable names.

Denrele and Goldie were best of friends before her unfortunate demise. The talented media personality has been visiting her graveside on Valentine’s day, which happens to be the anniversary of her death.

In an interview with Sahara TV in 2014, Denrele revealed their friendship dates to 2005.

The 40-year-old TV host, who didn’t think that his interview would elicit negative responses, has had to defend his remarks.

In a series of Instagram story posts on Thursday, the singer said “intimacy”, as he used in a recent interview to describe his relationship with the late pop artist and friend Goldie, did not connote sex.

He wrote: “Intimacy has been misconstrued. Why does everyone think intimacy connotes sex? What a horny frequency. In this context, intimacy means shared secrets and ‘one corner’ means even catching me in the corner with someone,” he wrote.

“Igboro na streets. We don enter trenches severally. This is the first time that people are talking about the LATE GOLDIE. Damn, we should have a good laugh about this. Signed management.”

Shortly after his viral interview, Goldie’s fans hit back at him, saying his statements were disrespectful to the late singer.

gift_stunning wrote: “The way he even says it…so disrespectfully ..oga some things are better left unsaid.”

“This was Unnecessary. Have some respect for the dead, her husband and her family. NONSENSE,” loooola568 wrote.

Bennysouzamedia wrote: “Some things are best taken to the grave! No one is dragging him for having anything to do with a married woman! Wait till it’s a woman who has such an allegation!”

“Some things should be left unsaid, Denrele. Stop this nonsense. Let the dead be,” Uche_amadi wrote.

“You just want to spoil her good name, idiot,” Bisi Olakunle wrote.

“Denrele, why this? Why now? Yeyebrities chasing clouts all the time. Because the dead girl can’t defend herself,” Amara Raja wrote.

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